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Family Law

At Courtis, Desmoulin our family law lawyers are here to advise and assist you with the assortment of legal issues that can arise before, during and after the breakdown of a marriage or common law relationship. Our ultimate goal is to resolve your family law matter on a reasonable basis as quickly and cost-effectively as we can while minimizing the adverse impact on children and relationships between spouses.

Some of the most common issues that can emerge during the course of a separation are:

  • Custody & Access of children;
  • Child Support;
  • Spousal Support;
  • Divorce (contested or uncontested); and
  • The division of Family Property

As these issues are often complex and intertwined, it is beneficial to consult a family law lawyer for guidance as early as possible. Courtis, Desmoulin offers a free 30-minute telephone call consultation for family law matters.

How we can help you

While we deal with many types of family law matters, examples of some of things our family lawyers can assist you with are:

  • The negotiation of a marriage contract or cohabitation agreement on your behalf (also known as a Prenuptial Agreement or “prenup”);
  • Advice regarding your legal rights if you are contemplating a separation (for either common law or married spouses);
  • The negotiation and preparation of a Separation Agreement;
  • Preparing you for a mediation or representing you at a mediation;
  • Providing you with Independent Legal Advice (ILA) following a mediation or the negotiation of a Separation Agreement;
  • Starting a court case and representing you in court;
  • Defending a court case and representing you in court if you have been served with court documents by your spouse;
  • Reviewing and/or preparing court documents on your behalf if you are representing yourself in the court process;
  • Obtaining a Divorce Order;
  • Providing an opinion with respect to a foreign divorce.

Our Approach

Separation from one’s spouse can be one of the most stressful and traumatic experiences a person can have. The conflict arising from the separation can also be irreparably damaging to children and any remaining relationship between spouses. Luckily, there are a number of processes available that are designed to minimize the animosity and destructiveness traditionally associated with the resolution of family law issues.

Generally, it is far better for the health and well-being of the parties and any children that may be involved to settle a family law dispute as amicably as possible outside of court through negotiation or an ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) process such as mediation. Proceeding outside of court also has the advantage of typically being a lower-cost alternative to litigation. In many cases, a settlement arrived at through mediation or negotiation proves to be a longer lasting solution than a court order because the parties themselves are equally involved in crafting the agreement. Another added benefit of using ADR is that it typically ensures the privacy of the parties and the children is maintained. In contrast, the presumption in court proceedings is that all information is publicly available. Given its numerous benefits, our family lawyers will consider and advise you with respect to available ADR options for the resolution of your legal issues whenever possible.

There may be reasons why your particular situation is not suitable for ADR. If that is the case, our lawyers have the experience necessary to represent you effectively in court.

In order to determine how we can best serve you, please call us toll free at 1-877-266-6646 or 807-623-3000 to schedule a free 30-minute telephone consultation with a family law lawyer.

What will it cost

As each family law matter is unique, it is typically not possible to give a “one-size fits all” estimate of what any particular client’s legal costs will be. In some cases, family law matters can settle immediately with only the limited involvement of a lawyer. In more contentious cases, family legal matters can take several years to resolve. The reality is that lengthy, contested cases typically cost significantly more than cases that are settled amicably and quickly.

Our firm understands the often-unexpected financial costs associated with a separation or divorce. That is why we are committed to tailoring our services and fee structure to fit your particular needs as much as we can.

Depending on your particular circumstances, our lawyers may be willing to assist you with only one aspect or part of your case. If you retain one of our lawyers on a limited basis, you will be asked to sign a “Limited Scope Retainer Agreement” (LSRA) which sets out what part or parts of your file our firm is responsible for and what aspects you are going to remain responsible for. A LSRA can greatly reduce the total cost of legal services as the lawyer is not retained to handle the entire case. In some instances, it may even be possible for us to provide you with a set or “block” fee for our services. We may also accept Legal Aid Ontario certificates in some cases. During your free 30-minute telephone consultation, our family lawyers will discuss costs with you and work to determine how your case can be dealt with most efficiently and cost-effectively.

Where we work

Our firm has a history of serving people not only in Thunder Bay, but throughout Northwestern Ontario.  If you are in need of a family law (divorce) lawyer and live in Ignace, Dryden, Fort Frances, Kenora, Atikokan, Sioux Lookout, Terrace Bay, Nipigon, Marathon, Manitouwadge, Geraldton, Red lake, Pickle Lake or any place in between, please call us toll free at 1-877-266-6646 to find out whether we are able to assist you.